Eloise Sepeda

Dr. Sepeda offers local, state, and national specialized trauma-informed and culturally responsive restorative-transformative justice (RJTJ) training, coaching, and implementation for multidisciplinary services and individuals to promote healing-centered engagement & wellness.

Eloise Sepeda, D. DiV, C-NLPC

Dr. Sepeda is a Latina and Native Roots of the Kickapoo Nation and a child/adult survivor of family & stranger sexual violence, strangulation, stalking, gangs, substance abuse, and homelessness. Despite the high risks of lethal violence and becoming a teen mom, she is resilient! Since 1999, Eloise has used her personal & professional survivor leader experiences to guide her work and advocacy.

As a national SME Restorative-Transformative Justice Practitioner, she believes in decolonizing restorative practices and centering the voices of people who are marginalized and disproportionately overrepresented in carceral systems of oppression, modern-day colonization of family surveillance, and separation. She uses her unique expertise at the intersections of Violence & Abuse, Child Welfare & multi-systems to advance racial equity, and human-centered engagement to promote overall safety, justice, family preservation, healing, and well-being for every person impacted and/or who caused harm seeking to make wrongs right. 

She has coauthored RJ curricula with the University of Texas Austin & Texas State University and specialized training for Educators, Law Enforcement, Crisis Services, and Physical/Mental Health providers. 

Current Roles:

Currently, Eloise is a Consultant and Cohort Leader for UJIMA: The National Center on Violence against Women in the Black Community, “Women Transforming Families (WTF): Rising to End Violence, Oppression and the Legacy of Trauma” project as a Fellow. In the project, Eloise serves with the Texas Working At the Intersection of Safe Families (TWAIS). The purpose of this project is to empower Black, Native American, and Latine cohort leaders and their respective communities at large with knowledge, skills, and resource tools to provide leadership in transforming the safety, health, and well-being of survivors of violence against women and their children. who are, or who are at risk of being surveilled and monitored by the child welfare system.   

Eloise is also a consultant and an advisor on the Futures without Violence’s Child Welfare Accountability Committee and seeks to change the perspective of policymakers, and policies that are harmful to survivor families who are in the child welfare system. 

The WTF Cohort leaders of Texas, Detroit, and Minnesota share their personal and professional experiences through the documentary "Undeterred".

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